Core Team - INDIA

Shri Sanjay Gupta

Shri Sanjay Gupta Secretary

Shri Sanjay Gupta is the Secretary to Param Shakti Peeth. Inspired by the unique service of Didi Maa to the mankind, he left his prestigious Chartered Accountancy business and joined her as full time honorary Secretary to PSP since its inception. His contribution to the establishment, management, and expansion of programs under Param Shakti Peeth is remarkable. He is the direct disciple of Yugpurush Mahamandaleshwar Swami Parmananda Giri Ji Maharaj.

Dr. Shyam Agrawal

Dr. Shyam Agrawal Vice President

Dr. Shyam Agrawal is Vice-President of Param Shakti Peeth. He is a resident of Mumbai and is a famous eye-specialist in India. His commitment to the society is so high that despite his busy schedule, he takes out the time for social service. Param Shakti Peeth draws his priceless services regularly in the capacity of Vice-President. He regularly conducts the eye operation camps organized by PSP and performs free operations to hundreds of eye-patients.

Sri Jayprakash Agrawal

Sri Jayprakash Agrawal Jt. Secretary

Sri Jayprakash Agrawal is a renowned industrialist from Delhi and member of Param Shakti Peeth. He is the chairperson of Surya Foundation as well as International Naturopathy Organization and CMD of Surya Roshni Limited. His contribution to PSP towards achieving the goal is unmatched.

Shri Ashok Sareen

Shri Ashok Sareen Treasurer

Shri Ashok Sareen ji is a treasurer of Param Shakti Peeth and is a famous educationist and businessman. He has been inspired by Param Pujya Maharaja ji as well as Didi Maa for many years. Since inception of PSP, he is actively involved in managing finances of PSP, and an advisor in each initiaticve with his precious time, and resources. His contribution towards achievement of the goal of PSP is priceless.

Sri Jai Bhagwan Agrawal

Sri Jai Bhagwan Agrawal Member

Sri Jai Bhagwan Agrawal is serving continuously Param Shakti Peeth as National Vice-president since inception of Param Shakti Peeth. He considers himself as a very simple servant of the society and is involved in various social development initiatives. He was elected consecutively for 4 times as MLA from Rohini, Delhi which itself is an indicator of his commitment to the cause of development and love towards the community. He has hundreds of committed followers which is his strength and made him able to serve the communities in a desired manner.

Sadhvi Sakshee Chetana

Sadhvi Sakshee Chetana Member

Sadhvi Sakshee Chetana ji is the direct disciple of Param Pujya Yugpurush Mahamandaleshwar Paramanandad Giri Ji Maharaj and serving the society in various capacities for years as per the direction of Maharaj. She was involved in Hindu Jagaran activities in the country for years with Param Pujya Didi Maa. Her contribution in managing the Vatsalyagram Vrindavan and now Vatsalyagram Omkareshwar is incredible.

Sadhvi Chaitanya Sindhu

Sadhvi Chaitanya Sindhu Member

Sadhvi Chaitanya Sindhu ji is involved in various developmental interventions in the country as per the guidance and direction of her Gurudev Param Pujya Yugpurush Mahamandaleshwar Swami Sri Paramanand Giriji Maharaj. Her contribution in conceptualizing various projects of PSP is precious.

Ms. Suman Lata

Ms. Suman Lata Member

Ms. Suman Lata is a full time volunteer in PSP. She is also serving as mother in Gokulam family and as Director in Samvid Gurukulam, Vrindavan. Her love towards children, her enthusiasm to excel and passion towards improving the processes in each project is unmatched.

Support Community Health

Support Community Health