VatsalyaGram Relief Program

Adding relief to tragedy

A Disaster cannot be averted, but its suffering can be mitigated through relief

The geographical positioning of India makes it highly vulnerable to natural disasters. According to the National Disaster Management Authority, more than 58.6% of the country’s landmass is prone to earthquakes and over 12% is prone to floods; close to 5,700kms out of the 7,516kms long lineation is at risk of cyclones and tsunamis; whereas sixty eight of its productive space is at risk of droughts.


In the event of any such disaster, massive coordinated reaction is required in a short period of time. Humanitarian organizations are amongst the frontrunners in helping disaster-struck regions, often together with and sometimes next to local governments and the military.

Param Shakti Peeth has always been there in providing life-saving support in times of disaster. We not only respond to the needs of the affected at the time of disaster but also firmly believe in long-term rehabilitation, helping communities affected by natural disasters or conflicts get back on their feet.

PSP has always been amongst the first organizations to provide aid to disaster-affected people and has also kept a sustainable approach to help rebuild their lives and provide them education, healthcare and livelihood.


Uttarakhand Relief Project

PSP was amongst the first humanitarian organization that responded to the Uttarakhand tragedy of June-2013.

PSP started a comprehensive 3-phase `Relief-Rehabilitation-Development Program’ in response to the massive natural disaster that hit Uttarakhand. A base-camp was set up and a dedicated team was created to alleviate the sufferings of the local inhabitants, help them overcome the loss & trauma and then restore normalcy in their lives and the region.

The RRD Program has reached its consolidation stage with 2 Shelter Homes established in the state (at Ukhimath & Fata) serving as a loving abode to the children who lost their parents / guardians in the June-2013 (and previous) catastrophe.

Eleven (11) Vocational Training Centres established across the same number of villages are now imparting skills around Tailoring & Stitching to more than 500 women & young girls. The latest Sewing Machines and other tools have been supplied at each of these centres together with the raw material & other inputs, and which are replenished on need basis.

Nepal Rahat Abhiyan

The Nepal Earthquake was amongst the most devastating natural calamities that have struck mankind. PSP decided not to be mute spectators and immediately responded by deputing its team to the affected areas of Nepal to provide relief and rescue people. Relief material (rations, water, clothes, blankets, tarpaulins., etc.) And medical supplies were rushed to the neighbouring country.

Health Camps in partnership with Sewa International, USA were organized at multiple locations in the affected regions. As part of the rehabilitation process, over two hundred homes in two of the disaster-affected villages were built for the villagers who had become homeless owing to the large-scale damage the natural calamity had caused.