Bringing change in the society through dedication and commitment

Movements aimed to deal with social and economic challenges by empowering people

Re-establishing Indian Civilization


Based on ancient Indian tradition of having a joint family, where young females take care of the family and, the elders in the family guide them on various aspects, VatsalyaGram provides a family life and support system to its beneficiaries. The elders guide the younger generation passing on the age-old wisdom and experiences. The youngers respect them and take proper care of them.

A family formed in VatsalyaGram includes mother, aunt, and grandmother assigned for 7-10 children with independent apartment units for each family with all facilities like a conventional home. At VatsalyaGram under the concept of Gokulam Vatsalya Awas, the beneficiaries are not only re-established but the concept of family gives them a new way to look at life and they actually feel loved and become a part of a true family where they can let go of all their sorrows and lead a happy and peaceful life in a safe and secure environment.

Women Empowerment

We at VatsalyaGram believe in Matrishakti, the power of women. It is important that women should be financially self-dependent, so their self-respect is maintained. With this aim, Vatsalya Kendra was started in Delhi at Shahadra where various vocational courses are provided and the concept later flourished in Vrindavan too.

At VatsalyaGram, under the concept of Udyamita women are given training in various skills such as papad and pickle making, handicrafts and many other items. The women are also provided with computer education so that they gain proper digital knowledge which has become a key factor in getting jobs and achieving goals in this modern world. Since the beginning of Udyamita, we have provided vocational training to thousands of girls and helped them become self-dependent and lead a dignified life.


Stress-free Society

In today’s fast-moving world, people are racing to achieve materialistic accomplishments which have affected human lifestyles and led to mental stress levels increasing tremendously. This not only results in depression which is a common problem in today’s youth but also disturbs the functioning of the vital organs of the body.

Our ancient Indian civilization shows an easy way to health through yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, penance, discourses, and diet control. Param Shakti Peeth has been constantly addressing the importance of stress-free and healthy living through lectures, spiritual discourses, kathas, mass education, and meditation camps. Apart from the above, there is still a need for common people to have an economical yet effective medical system. To cater to healthcare needs of people, Param Shakti Peeth started Swami Parmamand Prakritik Chikitsalya Yoga & Research Center.

Preservation of Cows

Many children who are kept at VatsalyaGram Palna are as young as a few hours. At that age mother’s milk is an important nourishment source for the baby, since mother's milk is not available, cow’s milk makes an excellent substitute. As per various studies, the milk of Indian species cows is the next best substitute for mother's milk. Hindus treat cow as a mother and they understand the importance of preserving and protecting cows, especially of Indian species.

Scientific researches by many groups have proven that cow urine is very effective as a medicine as well as in agriculture as a pesticide. Cow dung is a very good natural fertilizer as compared to the chemical fertilizers that are well known to have numerous ill effects on the health of all species. The use of cow's milk, urine and dung are not only good for mankind but are essential for the preservation of our environment. The Kamdhenu Gau Ghar has 175 cows and calves which serves a dual purpose of providing nutrition to the children and preserving the cows.

Eradication of Social Discrepancies


The social and economic discrepancies have always been a major concern for India, as there is an unequal distribution of wealth. No matter what might be the circumstances, the uneducated people always get the short end of the stick. Literacy levels are still very low in many parts of India. Many tribes have remained backward in the race of development and should be brought into the mainstream. Illiteracy is also the major reason for child labor, population growth, unemployment, and several other social problems.

Thus, Param Shakti Peeth recognizes the importance of education for these sections of the society and hence runs projects like Krishna Brahmaratan Vidya Mandir, Vasuki Shreyam and VatsalyaGram Omkareshwar. These projects focus on providing the beneficiary children an impeccable education with all the essential facilities. As someone rightly said that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change this world. We equip them with the weapon to change and shape their bright future. A weapon to become confident, optimistic and establish themselves in the social system.

Save the Motherhood

Motherhood is a state of a woman's life when she requires physical as well as mental health. In a large section of our society, the women can't afford to get proper nutrition, especially during pregnancy, which results in anemia and malnutrition. Along with the pre-delivery and post-delivery complications, it also results in the poor health of the infant. Thus, Param Shakti Peeth organizes free medical camps to address this issue. Under the guidance of the expert doctors, we provide the best treatment to our beneficiaries.

A proper medication ensures that they get the sufficient vitamins and minerals to combat with anemia. Also, many women in poor sections of society are unaware of the importance of hygiene during menstruation cycles. To create awareness on the issue, our trained social workers interact with such women and give bio-degradable sanitary pads called Vatsalya Suraksha free of cost. At VatsalyaGram Vrindavan, we attempt to eliminate the need of orphanages, women shelter homes and old age homes by giving these people Homes they call their own. Along with that, we strive to make them self- sufficient through our various programs.


National Security Awareness

Cause every smiling girl is the signature of God's presence

India is not only exposed to dangers from neighboring countries but also from the internal enemies like corruption and other such evils. Revered Didi Maa has been pushing a large scale public awareness movement bringing issues of immorality and injustice into the light. She is active through her lectures and discourses in spreading awareness towards eradicating social evils.

In the sequence of national awareness programs, Rashtra Raksha Sutra Bandhan Yatra is organized every year. We are secured, and we celebrate our festivals etc. only due to the careful watch and protection on the border as well as inside the country by our security forces. Revered Didi Maa feels that the entire nation should stand by them in their pleasures and pain. To put into practice her idea, Param Shakti Peeth organizes a celebration of Rakhi with the soldiers on the remote borders of the country in the presence of sisters from various parts of the nation. This program has also been acclaimed by the President of India

Save the Girl Child

As it is rightly said that every man needs mother, wife and a sister, then why not a daughter. The female infanticide has been a major concern in India and it has a history spanning over centuries. The dowry system, poverty, lack of support services and maternal illness are some issues quote closely related to the female infanticide. At VatsalyaGram, we believe that girls are no less than boys. We believe that a girl child brings joy to the entire family.

Thus, to eradicate such taboo from our society, Param Shakti Peeth initiated a public awareness movement around this issue in 2008 in Brij region of Uttar Pradesh. Since then, regular awareness programs are organized in the cities and towns where the incidents of female foeticide are high. With the noble inspiration from Revered Didi Maa, many women have taken a vow to keep away from female feticide. Free education for girls is also an important step towards raising the number of girls in the society.