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Here are some of the frequently asked questions by the people who wish to support us. Help us address your query pertaining to VatsalyaGram

What is VatsalyaGram and what does it do?

VatsalyaGram is an initiative by the Param Shakti Peeth, a non-profit, non-governmental and independent organization, to mitigate the social and economic discrepancies prevailing in India. Through VatsalyaGram, we strive to empower and mainstream the vast section of the society to whom the benefits of the nation’s development have not reached. Through our various programs, we seek to make our beneficiaries self-reliant. Our VatsalyaGram campus comprises of superlative infrastructure with a residential complex for our beneficiaries to reside and lead a comfortable life. Vatsalya families live in an atmosphere of affection and are nurtured in a secure environment without any distinction of caste, creed or race. The project is managed by dedicated and trained professionals.

Who started VatsalyaGram?

With an aim to selflessly serve the humanity, VatsalyaGram was started by Pujya Didi Ma, Sadhvi Ritambhara.

Can I adopt a child from VatsalyaGram?

We do not encourage adoption of children from VatsalyaGram as this township is designed to be a residential societal community where people without a roof or a family find a home, form a family and live life with dignity in the campus premises. However, we do accept donations for their education and other needs of the residents.

What is Vatsalya family? Who does it constitute of?

Each Vatsalya family consists of seven children, a mother, an aunt (Mausi) and a grandmother (Naani) living in the familiar atmosphere of their own home. Although there is no blood relationship in this Vatsalya family, all members of the family are connected by an emotional bond of love and trust. The women perform their duties to the optimum. Every member of the family gives the children a sense of belonging, which forms an essential factor in the child's early development.

On what basis are the mothers, aunts, and grandmothers selected for the children at Vatsalya family?

The mothers, aunts, and grandmothers are usually those women who are looking for shelter themselves. At VatsalyaGram, their life gets complete when they become part of a family. These women are gradually made accustomed to handling children in a large household. They are also given the values of Indian culture so that they can take care of the morals and ethics of the children as well.

How do the children get entry into VatsalyaGram?

We warmly and effusively welcome children who are left at our doorsteps. Children are also often referred to us by doctors, nursing homes, police and magistrates in courts. With every infant that comes to the VatsalyaGram, we celebrate it as a new child’s birth and make it an auspicious day.

How is VatsalyaGram unique in serving women and children?

VatsalyaGram is an endeavour to allow two souls to come into proximity of each other and receive the support they need. It is one of the few institutions, where children are treated both with love and respect. VatsalyaGram tries to bring up its beneficiary children in a way which allows them to become a part of the mainstream. Cherishing the concept of a family, each person residing in VatsalyaGram is a valuable member of the family. There are separate household units with a mother, grandmother, maternal aunts and children. Each of these family functions as an independent unit and as a co-dependent societal structure. The children are given a firm grounding of the Indian culture and are exposed to all the rituals and ceremonies followed in a traditional Indian household. Right from the mundane ceremony to the birthday celebrations of the children, each family at VatsalyaGram follows the traditional rituals of the ideal Indian family. Like a small resident township, children go to school, do their homework, play with their brothers and sisters and are loved by their mothers, aunts, and grandmothers

How can I donate to support VatsalyaGram?

No matter small or big, what matters is the joy it brings. You can donate to support for the various causes, track your donations and see how you have joined hands to give a better life to someone. Donate

Who are your target groups? Who benefits from your services?

We target the children whose parents can’t afford their education and women and old ladies who live all alone. We aim to bring them all together into families. We also target tribal communities to give them equal opportunities for development.

How can i volunteer at VatsalyaGram?

If you are a professional such as a teacher, musician, doctor, educator, counselor, artist, artisan, craftsman- you may share your expertise at the vocational training centre of VatsalyaGram and empower the people who are interested in learning the nuances of vocational training to their advantage. Volunteer