VatsalyaGram Education

Giving wings to the young lives.

Providing an education that gives wings to the young lives to explore new heights.


Krishna Brahamratan Vidya Mandir


Located in the campus of Vatsalyaram, Vrindavan, Krishna Brahmaratan Vidya Mandir is a primary level Hindi medium school that exclusively caters to children coming from BPL (Below Poverty Line) families from neighbouring slums and villages.

All sort of educational training as per normal public schools are concerned are imparted here in fields of arts, crafts, sports, music and dance apart from the mainline education. Furthermore, the students are also provided with mid-day meals, uniforms, stationery and healthcare on a need basis. The school operates with the ultimate goal of empowering these students with the right education so that they can themselves ensure a brighter future both for them and their families. Started in the year 2002 with just 20 students, Krishna Brahamratan Vidya Mandir now has 900+ students.

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Samvid Gurukulam
Sr. Secondary School


Along with a loving family to care and provide guidance, the next most essential thing the children require is the education which allows them to tread on a path towards a purposeful life.

Keeping the same thought in mind, Samvid Gurukulam was founded in order to provide the children of VatsalyaGram and even from outside the campus a type of holistic education that would eventually help them to rise up with knowledge pertaining to spiritual consciousness, moral values, technological know-how and good information in general affairs for the overall development of body mind and soul.

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